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Align Your Body. Empower Your Mind. Transform Your Life.

Welcome to JP Holistics, Inc, enhancing wellness for individuals and companies with personalized, high-quality treatments, classes, and consultations in four key areas of expertise 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

A revolutionary new hypnotherapy technique, originally created by the UK's #1 rated psychotherapist for 5 years straight, Dr. Marisa Peer. I was personally trained by her and have proven experience helping clients with weight control, recovery, self-confidence, memory issues, substance, gambling and sex addiction. With RTT these issues are healed deeply, completely, and in record time. Create peak performance in your personal and professional life in as little as one session.

JP Holistics - Personalized Holistic Hypnotherapy Treatments

Emmett Therapy

A  fascia and neuromuscular release technique in which gentle adjustments are made that *instantly* relieve pain and tension, and restore optimal balance in the body and mind. Now available in the US, the Emmett Technique is a powerful tool for stabilizing and optimizing body movements - no "re-education" required!

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Therapeutic Essential Oils 

Our strongest multipurpose solutions - essential oils - are derived purely from plants. Consultations available on using these for exercise recovery, wound healing, improving sleep quality, skin care, pain relief, insect repellent, and much more, or order special products from my Online Store.

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Reiki Healing

An energetic cleansing and healing session for your body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is a time-tested Japanese tradition that can relax your mind and body and reinvigorate your soul.
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You can also learn more about other treatment options or read client reviews.
To Your Health & Happiness,

~James L. Poole, Holistic Hypnotherapist

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“50 year old computer worker with cervical and lumbar arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis & carpal tunnel syndrome, experiences improved strength & freedom of movement in her hands, reduced pain and swelling in fingers, and reduces her dependence on pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory pills (ibuprofen) after one session.”

"47 year old computer worker with thoracic spine injury becomes pain free within 24 hours of one session with James, doing what pain meds, cortisone injections, and regular massages could not do in 15 years."

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